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Upcoming Events 

National Indigenous Surfing Titles 

The three-day event will showcase the top 32 Indigenous open males, 16 master’s men, 8 open women, 8 open long boards, 8 junior males and 8 junior females, from across Australia.  The event will crown an Australian Indigenous Champion in all six divisions. 

Fri 25th May 2018 – Sun 27th May 2018



Naru Surf Gathering 2018 in Memory of Eric Mercy -opening on Friday 6th July with Welcome to Country, Feed and Yarn.

Competition will take place 7th & 8th July where conditions are favourable. All proceeds going to Mental Health Awareness

Park Beach lookout
Ocean Parade & Fitzgerald Street , Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450



History of the La Perouse Board Riders

La Perouse board riders was first founded in the early the early 1960’s under the title of L.S.A. La Perouse Surfing Association by a group of aboriginal and non-aboriginal surfers from La Perouse and surrounding areas to enjoy surfing and have fun.

Over the years it became popular and soon grew in numbers and La Perouse became a surfing hub and forged unbreakable friendships between aboriginal and non-aboriginal families which are as solid as the day they were forged more than 50 years ago, these friendships helped to make the united La Perouse community that it is today.



At first surfing the local breaks around La Perouse and Maroubra beach then later the fun really started with trips down the coast surfing, diving, gathering our own tucker having cook ups around the rocks mingling with the Wreck Bay, mob and Narooma mob it was a real life culture experience that led to encouraging kids to learn to surf dive practice their hunting and gathering skills of our culture that we were taught by our


This tradition has now carried on through the generations to where it’s at now and where it’s heading LBR is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of encouraging kids in our community to respect their elders lead an healthy life of surfing embracing their culture of hunting gathering skills building friendships within the community thanks to all the families and members that have been associated with LBR and that goes out to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families that will no doubt carry o

n this tradition.

Surfing also leads to the incentive of not only domestic travel but also international travel experience other cultures surf unreal waves and give you the incentive to seek out a career that will take you to these places.